About Us

Welcome to the Russian Division website of the American Jewish Committee. Here you should be able to find both interesting and relevant materials in English and Russian.

AJC was established in 1906 by a small group of American Jews deeply concerned about the pogroms aimed at Russian Jews. For the last 100 years. AJC has stood up for the interests of Jews worldwide, against anti-Semitism, in defense of human rights and democratic principles, and supported the state of Israel.

For many years, AJC has actively fought for immigration rights for Soviet Jews. In 1987, AJC played a major role in a demonstration in Washington in honor of the freedom of Russian Jews. More than 250,000 people, including then Vice-President George Bush, gathered for this march, which became the largest in American Jewish history.

We hope that you will find many things of interest on the Russian Division website. Please, acquaint yourself with books, articles, and new analytic works written by David Harris, the executive director of AJC. You can monitor our events, activities, and media coverage. We will introduce you to our Leadership Training Program, which prepares leaders in the Russian-speaking immigrant community. This will help you get a picture of our programs and our plans for the future.

More than 175,000 people in the US and around the world are members and supporters of AJC. We invite you to engage yourselves by becoming a member. You are also welcome to volunteer and help AJC and its Russian Division by donating to our cause.

For more specific information about how to become a member, or if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or concerns, please email us at kligers@ajc.org.

With best wishes, Sam Kliger
Director of Russian Jewish Affairs